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Order rigging in the company "Gruzon" on favorable terms for you.

Rigging (services) is a set of measures and techniques aimed at lifting and moving a variety of heavy and / or bulky goods, with the aim of their further loading, unloading or transportation from point A to point B. Unlike conventional loading and unloading operations, rigging services involve the use of special devices, lifting machines and mechanisms, rigging equipment. Rigging of equipment is carried out by riggers who must have knowledge and skills in the safe movement, lashing, securing and installation of goods and equipment. This allows them (depending on skill level and available equipment) to carry out work with loads without weight restrictions. It is worth noting that working with loads of more than 500 kg is already considered dangerous work. Specialists who provide rigging services must have all the necessary access to work and have practical knowledge of safety. Traditionally, rigging is used to load or unload large or very heavy loads, the weight and configuration of which makes it impossible to carry out these operations manually. One of the main areas of application of this type of work is the transportation of industrial (machines, presses, guillotines, etc.) or complex technological equipment (medical, printing, food, server, refrigeration, etc.). Loading machine tools, workbenches, conveyors and other elements of production lines using rigging equipment contributes to a clear organization of the process, has a positive effect on the timing of work, and also ensures the safety of expensive equipment. Today, professional equipment rigging is in demand in almost all sectors of the national economy - from the metallurgical complex to the food industry and banking. In addition, with the help of riggers, safes, ATMs, large-sized musical instruments, large stones, prefabricated houses, containers, fitness equipment, commercial equipment and other heavy loads can be transported.