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195027, St. Petersburg, Grazhdansky prospect 111 office 616
Phones: +79319807652
Mon-Fri: from 9 am to 6 pm
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Delivery of goods by the company "Gruzon"

Delivery of goods by the company "Gruzon"

If you need to transfer cargo in St. Petersburg, across the Leningrad region, between cities, or take out materials to the dacha, transport office furniture - it's easy to do! You just need to order a Gazelle for cargo transportation. We carry out:

Transport services in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The Gruzon company offers you comfortable spacious cars that allow you to transport bulky and heavy loads, both around the city and out of town. We have our own fleet of vehicles, which means that we are fully responsible for the transportation. And we guarantee quality services.

The car must be checked before shipment, in addition, it is equipped with additional fastening systems, which allows you to transport cargo that needs careful storage.

Apartment moving

Fast loading and unloading if you use our loaders.

A comfortable car that meets all transport standards.

Developed route. You will know exactly where your cargo is at the moment.

Low prices, as well as additional services that make moving comfortable and fast.

- cheap

- Exactly

- Comfortable

- Quickly

We work with both legal entities and individuals. Cargo transportation is possible in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, between cities. In addition, we offer you various additional services. If you need experienced movers who will treat your things with care and load quickly - you don't need to look for them additionally, we have them!

Why is it worth contacting us?

Office moving

country moving

Transportation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

Transportation of light equipment

Transportation in Russia

Ordering a car for transportation is easy!

If before moving was a problem, today it is a quick action that will fly by like an instant. Choosing our company, you choose comfort, speed, availability. Now ordering a gazelle for cargo transportation is easy!

Delivery of goods

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