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Transportation of a warehouse in St. Petersburg

Transportation of a warehouse in St. Petersburg

Entrepreneurs sometimes need to transport not individual goods or equipment, but a whole warehouse. This process is time-consuming and difficult, from the outside it may seem like just turmoil and disorder. In fact, if you turn to a professional company for organizing the move, it will only seem. In fact, each specialist will be busy with specific duties, clearly performing the work assigned to him.

On the eve of the direct transportation of things, you need to have a ready-made plan for a new warehouse. This is necessary for the moving process to be completed quickly and smoothly. At the new location, all the points where things, goods, equipment, machinery, etc. will be transported and delivered should be marked. It is imperative to prioritize: which things will be needed for work immediately, and which can wait. This is necessary in order to understand what needs to be transported in the first place.

As a rule, at the moment of moving the warehouse continues to work, because even a small break can affect the income and reputation of the entrepreneur. But all orders must be reduced as much as possible, leaving only the most urgent and urgent. It is difficult to work and move at the same time. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to both the loaders carrying out the transportation and the warehouse employees.

You can minimize these inconveniences by preparing in advance for the working day. Goods to be issued or delivered to customers must be packaged and delivered separately from those to be transported. You also need to determine what equipment will be needed and how many employees. It is possible to transport these goods to a new place in the first place and issue them from there.

Consideration should also be given to the fact that both carriers and current warehouse employees will work together. Therefore, it is worth worrying in advance about giving out instructions to everyone and determining the scope of work. This will help avoid misunderstandings and incidents.

The work will be coordinated, fast and productive if each person knows what he is responsible for and what he needs to do. But do not change instructions during the day and give any additional recommendations, as this will disrupt the established work and may stall the whole process. The manager can only control the process of moving and monitor whether everyone is conscientiously fulfilling the duties assigned to them.

When moving, be sure to paint all the stages in time. So, packaging comes first, and everyone does it. When everything is finally packed, you need to proceed to loading. If individual workers pack and ship their own boxes, this will lead to confusion and inconsistencies.

Boxes, boxes and packages must be signed (labeled) to understand what is in them. This is necessary to determine where they will be located in the truck, as well as where to carry them and put them immediately after unloading.

The old and new warehouses must be divided into areas controlled by employees specially assigned for this purpose. The best choice will be experienced workers who understand the range of goods and its properties.

These "controllers" do not take part in packing and loading. Responsible people only make sure that everything is done correctly, on time, in the appropriate order, so that nothing is forgotten or lost. Everything must be delivered to a new place safe and sound, and then put in its place.

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Transportation of a warehouse