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Transportation of St. Petersburg equipment

Transportation of St. Petersburg equipment

Moving is certainly a chore. It is always difficult to transport equipment, special equipment, and the one who is responsible for the transportation of this property must give comprehensive answers to various questions. The most important question is what kind of equipment needs to be transferred. You should find out if it belongs to standard or oversized cargo.

If special equipment can be easily assembled and disassembled, and it can be easily installed in a new place, then everything is not so difficult! However, if you need to transfer specific equipment belonging to the “oversized cargo” type, you need to take a very responsible approach to the choice of transport. You may need a low loader. In some cases, such items are transported by flatbed truck. You should deal with the nuances of loading and shipment, and after choosing the transport, sign the contract.

The nuances of transporting oversized equipment

If you have to transport a heavy, bulky, non-standard item, plan your move carefully. Specify what permits will be needed for the transportation of goods by road. Companies that provide services for the transportation of oversized cargo own the necessary special equipment and assist customers in obtaining permits.

In the process of transporting special machinery and equipment, it is important to ensure that the boxes, the details of the property itself, are marked at the preparatory stage. It is necessary to have a list of transported items. So in the process of loading and unloading, you can save a lot of time, find out if everything is in place, identify a possible shortage of special equipment components.

If you make a list of the transported equipment, it will be easier for you to carry out the arrangement in the future. It is impossible to change the location of a warehouse or production facility in 24 hours, but competent planning of the move will facilitate the transfer of property. The most responsible employees should control the process.

Excellent if the business is growing rapidly and you need to expand production. But it is worth mentally preparing yourself for the turmoil, confusion. Don't worry, it will only take a few days. In any case, it is important to properly move oversized cargo, carefully considering the process of shipment and unloading.

It is better to trust such manipulations to real professionals - riggers. These people have the appropriate skills and special equipment. In order to carry out loading and unloading without problems, they will identify the center of gravity of the transported items, then determine how to position the equipment in the cab or on a special platform. The cargo will be fixed. Transportation of equipment can also be entrusted to loaders, but specialists are more reliable, they know how to handle expensive production equipment, the weight of which can be equal to 50 tons.

How to choose the right transport for the transportation of special equipment?

Back in the USSR, they practiced the transportation of large-sized equipment by several modes of transport. It is advisable to use vehicles if the distance from the place of dispatch to the place of destination is not more than 1 thousand km. In this case, the weight of oversized property should be up to 1 ton. If the customer plans to transfer bulky cargo to longer distances, then it is better for him to choose rail transport.

Today, a large number of enterprises are owned by private owners, for whom every minute is precious. In addition, in order to transfer oversized special equipment by train, it will still be necessary to use vehicles (for delivery to the platform). This is one of the disadvantages of rail transportation. Such transportation is carried out according to the schedule, but a well-developed road network allows you to quickly deliver large cargo to the point of arrival.

Many entrepreneurs prefer road transport. Platforms and semi-trailers are often used to transport equipment and special equipment. The latter are used to move wide objects, the first - to transport elongated oversized cargo.

It is important to correctly position the equipment on the selected transport, otherwise it will not be able to stay in a fixed position and simply slide off. And the main task of the transport company is the timely, careful delivery of property. For successful and safe transportation of equipment, contact professional riggers!

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